Your Complete Marketing Solution

Together, Let’s Bring Online Ordering Back In House

How it works:

Once you’re Account Manager delivers the great news that your online ordering is live, you are then ready for the Marketing Program!

Intro to Marketing Program

Once your online ordering is up and live, you will receive an email introducing you to our marketing team along with information needed for us to get your marketing up and going.


Items that we will need from you:

Manager access to Google Business Listing :

  • Adding our marketing coordinator as a manager

  • Verifying your Google Business Listing


  • Allows us to add you to our local listing management platform

  • Better your business’s Local SEO

  • Allows customers to get the most accurate information about your business across hundreds of local listings

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Facebook Admin access :

  • Adding us as an admin to your business Facebook page


  • Integrate your menu for Facebook online ordering

  • Promote your online ordering through regular postings and paid ads

  • Create offers to incentivize your customers

  • Reach more customers who are on social media

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Customer Data Base :

  • List of customer information, including name and email


  • To get your started right away for email marketing/automation

  • If you do not have a current customer database, we can set up an email signup form on your website to start building a list.

Please note, if you do not have a current list for us to use that we will need to build a list of at least 75 customers to begin email marketing/automation.

Marketing Form :

  • Complete the marketing form, which will be sent to you once enrolled


  • Gives us insight to your business

  • Helps us better strategize an effective marketing plan

  • Allows us to assist you with choosing the most effect marketing offline package


Promotional Offers :

  • Approval of promotional offers

  • First time user offer


  • To increase first time users

  • Incentivize customers to place an order

  • Generate a buzz

  • Increase engagement

  • Used for email marketing

  • Used for PPC, Remarketing, and Social Media Ads

  • Used for different promotional and advertising pieces

  • Compete with third party online ordering services who are also offering promos


Once we have received the information needed to get you started for marketing, the following marketing tactics will be put into place:


Marketing Strategies :

  • PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Ads)
  • Remarketing ads
  • Email marketing/automation (if you have a current customer email database)
  • Menu integrated on Facebook
  • Facebook advertising for online ordering and Facebook menu integration

Every Monday, you will be receiving an email from our marketing team. This email includes, but is not limited to:

  • Marketing tactics performed in the previous week
  • Overview of the performance
  • Marketing tactics for this week
  • Updates in ongoing marketing campaigns
    • PPC
    • Remarketing
    • Facebook ads
    • Email Signups
  • Updates on any new marketing strategies we are adding this week/month
  • Approval of any new promos

Offline Materials :

Once your Branded Mobile App is live, our marketing coordinator will be in contact to go over our offline materials process. Based on your answers from the marketing form, our coordinator will recommend to you the most effective offline package for your business.

Overview of Process:
  1. Call to discuss the process and packages
  2. You confirm which package you would like
  3. Our graphic designer creates the materials in your package
  4. Our coordinate validates materials to make sure all information is correct
  5. Materials are sent to printer
  6. We receive materials and ship to your restaurant – We’ll send an email to keep you updated on this!
  7. Once received, our 60 day incentive program begins