Superior Online Ordering.


Branded online ordering

  • 100% branded to your business - a complete white label solution

  • Integrates directly on your website and mobile app

  • No redirection to external link

  • No iframes

  • Integrated online ordering via API

community naturals_phone and laptop mockup.png

Mobile Responsive Design

  • Optimized to look amazing across all devices

  • Customers can easily order on the go, enhancing their experience

  • Same user friendly and intuitive order flow from desktop to mobile



Visually Appealing User Experience

Featured Items  |  Menu images  |  Upsells and modifications when adding to cart


Visual Ordering
Step by Step add-to-cart experience

one-click order.png

1-Click Ordering
Ability to repeat the entire order or favorite item with a single click


Coupons, Discounts, and Upsells
Boost online ordering and drive customers by offering specials and coupons. Promote business based on peak and off-peak days