Once online ordering and delivery services have been launched on all platforms, it becomes important for all parties involved to keep one another's team updated regarding any menu updates, settings changes, changes in hours of operation, etc. 

Click the link above to submit an online support ticket which will go directly to our 24/7 support team for any updates or questions.

Regarding any changes in orders, cancellations, or refunds, please be sure to inform our help team by submitting a support ticket or emailing our support team at or by phone at 1-888-ZUPPLER so that our team can take the appropriate steps in helping to refund orders and update our support team.

Menu updates will be completed within 2-3 business days unless a large menu overhaul is required in which case more time may be needed. 

For Marketing Accounts w/ Zuppler / RDS Partnership

For restaurants that work through a RDS associated with Zuppler, any menu updates that your restaurants may need, all menu changes should be sent to both partnering teams at the same time. Send detailed menu updates to and to your RDS support team that handles menu updates. In that way, we can ensure that all parties are notified of the changes.


Have minor web updates?
(not menu content related)

Use our handy maintenance request form to send us your needed web updates easily for Zuppler built sites or Menu Styling updates.

(note: updates will generally be made within 2-3 business days *holidays may effect timing. please consider this to allow time for updating as needed.)

Note: If your updates will effect your online ordering, please fill out our help desk form instead, which will go to our 24/7 support team: Help Desk Support Form