Secure. Fast. Scalable. Flexible. High availability. Extensible. Cutting Edge Technology. Creative Thinking. Expert Team. Simple.

  • Branded online ordering integration for your restaurant

  • Mobile responsive website and fully native iOS and Android app

  • Dedicated account manager for onboarding

  • Low flat fee for unlimited orders from your site & app

  • An artful layout for your personalized menu

  • Live order monitoring and 24/7 customer services

  • Interactive dashboard to view your reports, website traffic, social engagement, and set and track goals

  • An optional marketing program to boost ordering


  • Certified PCI DSS compliant & undergoes regular testing

  • Fast load times, average page load times of under 1 second

  • Always ahead of the load curve by building out capacity well before it’s needed

  • Website & menu features can easily be turned ON or OFF

  • Sudden surges in demand NEVER overload the system

  • Allows easy additions of new features, e.g. billing methods, loyalty schemes, discount rules & more

  • Expert development team with a passion for programming & a proven track record

  • Accept Credit / Debit card payments securely


Why are we unique?


...maybe because we do things a little
                   differently from our competitors...



  • Allows us to add you to our local listing management platform

  • Better your business’s Local SEO

  • Allows customers to get the most accurate information about your business across hundreds of local listings


Facebook Online Ordering

  • Integrate your menu for Facebook online ordering

  • Promote your online ordering through regular postings and paid ads

  • Create offers to incentivize your customers


OmniChannel Ordering

  • Reach out to more customers by publishing your menu on all Zuppler partner websites.

  • Manage your menu centrally and publish across all channels with a click of a button

  • Enable other forms of ordering like Facebook Messenger, Alexa etc via our bots