Step 1

Onboarding Phase


Sales Agreement :

Begin with

  • Menu Link or Pdf

  • Banking Information

  • Merchant Processing (if applicable)

  • Domain or CMS Credentials Obtained (for website build or integration)

  • Here is helpful information that will be needed once you've been assigned to an account manager


Assigned to Account Manager :

Project intro

  • Introduction to review account information, process, and setup

  • * Introduction to review and obtain Website and/or Mobile App Assets by Web/App Project Manager
    [For new website builds or mobile app builds]

* this will depend on if there will be a new website build or a menu integration only


  • Photos

  • Bio

  • Logo

  • Social Media

  • Provide any additional content (optional)

  • Confirm Domain Credentials or CMS Credentials


Menu :

  • Menu Configuration

  • Menu Preview Validation (internal)

  • Menu Preview Review

  • Settings Validation (internal)

  • Menu Approval

  • Order Testing is processed w/ notification settings


New website :

  • Website Build Begins

  • Website Preview Updates (internal)

  • Website Preview Review (client)

  • Website Approval

  • Transfer Preview to LIVE website URL


Menu CMS Integration:

  • Completed Menu Submitted to Website Development Team

  • Menu Integration into Website Begins (This will appear as a navigation link as well as a homepage button and sometimes on additional pages)

  • Integration Reviewed and Validated (internal)

  • Integration is Completed


Mobile App project begins (if chosen) :

  • Development Build is Submitted to Mobile App Developers and Designers

  • Mobile App Previews are Sent and Reviewed internally

  • Mobile App Development begins upon preview approval

  • Mobile App Beta Test is submitted for testing once completed

  • Beta Test results are sent to Developers to fix any issues or complete and Submit

  • Mobile App gets submitted to Google PlayStore and App Store

  • Client is Notified of Mobile App Completion



Once the menu is live on the website, client will be notified and information for our support team is provided for any updates needed post-live.